The Three-in-One Assay

CellOPTIQ® combines the three cardinal measurements in cardiac safety assessments. By measuring voltage, calcium and contraction in one experiment Clyde’s clients enjoy remarkable precision in their acquisition of data.

Replacing Multi-Electrode Array, Calcium Transient and Impedance Assays with one assay.

CellOPTIQ Outputs

CellOPTIQ® offers significant cost advantages

CellOPTIQ® is an essential precursor to in vivo studies. Studies using animal models are costly, time-consuming and ethically challenging. In order to reduce the number of animal tests conducted, compounds should be assayed on CellOPTIQ® before going in vivo.


Mixed Ion Channel Effects - Verapamil

CellOPTIQ is able to show mixed ion channel effects. In this example, Verapamil shows mixed Ion channel effects that negates the proarrhythmic risk.


Comparison of CellOPTIQ to Other Assay Types

In a single assay, CellOPTIQ® can offer you all of the data generated in independent voltage, calcium and contractility assays on a wider variety of cell types and in a greater range of study protocols.